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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone participate ?

YES, we are a friendly and all-inclusive community. Trail information will be posted prior to event date including: difficulty, time, km, elevation.

How often meet ?

We understand families have a very busy schedule. Most of our activities will be scheduled for public holidays, Pro-D days or summer, winter and spring breaks.

Where does the donation go ?

Hike it kids is a nonprofit society. All donations received will be documented and donated to a BC registered Charity. Tax receipts can be given upon request. After each hiking event, we will publish the total amount received please see donation updates for more information. 

What are the hiking guidelines ?

We understand bringing children on the trail can be challenging, so if you need to stop , we take it together. We leave no family behind. Hike it kids also respects nature, therefore we adheres to LEAVE NO TRACE ethics. 

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