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About us

One of the founders of Hike it kids, Miyo Kanayama was invited to go on a family hike with her daughter in 2017. In the beginning, most of the hikes were casual amongst friends. As the number of families grew, it became apparent that many families were looking for hiking buddies. In 2021, Miyo Kanayama and Belinda Lin launched HIKE IT KIDS. ORG. They met during a hiking gathering. They now manage the society together with the same passion, vision and mission in mind.


In a world of instant accessibility, smartphone and endless possibilities for digital entertainment, it can be difficult to find quiet moments. We would like to bring families together and help them connect with nature, benefit from spending time outdoors and be inspired in giving back to the community.



Exercise is healthy for the body and mind. We would like to create a group where parents can feel that they are a part of a village during their adventurous hiking excursions. We hope to educate parents and children about the benefits of being outdoors. With each hike, you their opportunity to connect with nature and other wholesome families.

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